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Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth?

When your teeth look good, you feel good and smile confidently. Plus, everyone looks great with a smile! But yellowed or stained teeth from coffee, food, or simply ageing can impact how your teeth look and how happy you are with your smile. These days, there’s a simple answer. Having your teeth whitened is a standard dental procedure to brighten and lighten the shade of your teeth, resulting in a whiter and more radiant smile.

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure now days and common for when you want to look your best for a special occasion or simply to boost self-confidence and overall appearance. There are some factors to consider when choosing between whitening your teeth with a professional or undertaking a DIY job at home.

Here, we’ll take you through the benefits and effects of both options.

Some reasons you may want your teeth whitened

Discoloured teeth

Stained or discoloured teeth occur due to many factors, including ageing, consumption of certain foods and beverages (such as coffee, tea, or red wine), tobacco, poor oral hygiene, or certain medications. Teeth whitening is effective at removing stains and discolouration, which therefore restores your smile and a brighter appearance.

Increased confidence

Having a bright smile can boost self-confidence and make you feel more comfortable and confident in social and professional settings.

Special occasions

Your confident and dazzling smile is the perfect addition for when you want to look your best. These days with social media constantly capturing these memorable moments, being prepared is a must. An emerging trend is that many people are opting for teeth whitening before important events, such as weddings, job interviews, or even first dates.

Smile makeover

Teeth whitening can be combined with other cosmetic dental procedures like veneers or dental implants to achieve a complete smile transformation as part of your comprehensive smile makeover.
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At home teeth whitening

At-home whitening kits are readily available over-the-counter in chemists and supermarkets. They provide a convenient option for those who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home.

At-home whitening kits offer a cost-effective solution for individuals on a tighter budget. They are suitable for mild tooth stains and discolouration caused by factors like food, beverages, or aging.

The visible results will be gradual over time with at-home whitening kits, which generally prescribe multiple applications over several weeks to achieve desired results. The whitening agents in these kits are less concentrated than professional treatments, resulting in a more gradual lightening effect. They may also contain bleaching chemicals or charcoal or bicarbonate of soda. Some kits may not be reliable and incorrect use can cause further dental problems.

Professional teeth whitening

Dentists can assess the condition of your teeth, identify the cause of discolouration, and provide targeted treatment for optimal results, therefore offering customised solutions tailored to your individual needs.

With dentist whitening, the whitening agents are more concentrated, so the results are better and faster than at-home kits, especially for stubborn stains. With their expertise and knowledge, cosmetic dentists know how to safely administer teeth whitening treatments, ensuring proper application, and minimizing complications. Any existing dental issues or sensitivities will also be addressed. Plus, dentists can combine professional teeth whitening with other cosmetic dental procedures to achieve comprehensive smile makeovers.

We advise consulting with your dentist to determine the most suitable teeth whitening option for you. Dentists can evaluate your oral health, discuss your goals, and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan to ensure safe and effective results.

Impacts of teeth whitening

The positive impacts of teeth whitening include significantly enhancing your smile’s appearance by removing stains, yellowing and discolouration. You’ll feel more confident and less self-conscious with a brighter smile, which will improve your self-esteem, self-image, and overall wellbeing.

When whitening your teeth, you might experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. This discomfort can usually be managed with desensitizing toothpaste but talk to your dentist about other recommendations. These effects usually temporary and subside within a few days.

How long your teeth whitening will last is different from person to person. It depends on factors such as oral hygiene habits, dietary choices, and lifestyle factors (such as tobacco use or coffee consumption). Generally, the results of professional teeth whitening with your dentist can last from several months up to a year (or longer) with proper maintenance such as regular visits to your dental hygienist.

What are the alternatives to having my Teeth Whitened?

Protection is the best prevention when it comes to teeth, and that means following a few simple rules to avoid staining, such as:

  • Brushing with a soft toothbrush
  • Flossing your teeth every day
  • Not smoking
  • Rinsing with water after having food or drink that’s known to cause discolouration

Some alternatives other than prevention are:

  • Having your teeth regularly cleaned by your dentist or dental practitioner
  • Using whitening toothpaste
  • Dental treatment such as veneers or crowns
There are things to keep in mind when it comes to teeth whitening as it may not be suitable for everyone, and it may not work on certain types of dental conditions or tooth discoloration. Consulting with a cosmetic dentist is crucial to determine if teeth whitening is right for you and to ensure safe and effective treatment.
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