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What to Expect When Getting Dentures

Modbury Medical and Dental Center – If you need to replace all of your teeth or just a few teeth, you may like to consider full or partial dentures. Removable dentures can be a convenient way to restore the appearance and function of missing teeth, but they can take some time to get used to.

Talking to your dentist in Modbury may give you an idea of what to expect with dentures and whether they are the right choice for you.

Are dentures right for me?

Most people are clinically suitable for dentures, as denture fitting doesn’t usually involve surgery unless you need to have teeth extracted. However, losing teeth and having them replaced can be a difficult experience for some people, and may require emotional preparation. You should talk to your dentist if you have any concerns so they can try to address your concerns.

If you’re unsure about dentures, you may wish to discuss other treatment options. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, these may include full arch dental implants as a more permanent solution for replacing all your teeth, or a dental bridge if you only need to replace a few teeth.

A few things to consider regarding dentures:

  • they are removable appliances, meaning they can move while you are eating or biting, especially full lower dentures
  • they are a replacement for gaps – they will never be a true replacement for your missing teeth
  • you may find them uncomfortable
  • you will need to be patient getting used to eating, speaking, and wearing them
  • you may have food collecting under and around dentures
  • partial dentures are held in place with metallic clips, which may or may not be visible when speaking
  • you may require the use of denture adhesives

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Can you sleep with dentures?

Dentures are normally removed at night, as this gives the mouth a chance to rest. You may want to consider wearing your dentures at night to get used to how they feel, however, this is not recommended as long-term night wearing may lead to serious bacterial and fungal infections leading to tooth decay, bone loss, and gum disease.

How do I look after my dentures?

Just like teeth, dentures need to be cleaned every day to remove leftover food and plaque, although you should use plain water, soap, or a denture cleaner, and never toothpaste. It is still important to brush your gums, tongue, and any teeth you may have remaining with fluoride toothpaste to support good oral hygiene.

It is also important to keep up with your regular dental check-ups, giving your dentist the chance to check your oral health and the condition of your dentures. If your dentures get damaged or wear down over time, your dentist may offer denture repairs or relines rather than having to replace the whole denture.

How to avoid tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can’t always be avoided, but you can lower your risk of pain and discomfort by following your dentist’s advice and taking good care of your oral health every day. This includes:

  • Careful brushing and flossing using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste
  • Cutting down on sugar and acidic food and drinks
  • Getting plenty of calcium in your diet to help rebuild teeth
  • Wearing a sports mouthguard to help prevent injuries
  • Keeping up with your scheduled dental visits

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